Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Arteeeest

Greg Maddux pitched a hell of a game last night. He kept the Giants hitters off-balance with a fastball that was topping out at 83. The guy is a wizard with the ball. He is truly one of my favorite pitchers to watch because he attacks hitters (75 pitches through 6 shutout innings) and doesn't try to pick at corners.

Padres' announcer Mark Grant made a telling comment about a conversation he had with Maddux. To paraphrase, Maddux told Grant, "I'll probably lead the league in giving up 0-2 hits. But I'm also going to get a lot of 0-2 outs." Point being, Maddux just wants to throw strikes. It's a lesson that a lot of big league pitchers can learn.

On to the team that was shutout, again. Here's a couple of interesting Giants stats this year:
  • Giants runs against Clay Hensley: 11
  • Giants runs against the 16 other pitchers they have faced: 9
  • The Giants offense has scored against the opposing team's bullpen only 3 times, with all 3 runs coming against Dodger pitcher Chad Billingsley
  • In the seven games started by a pitcher other than Matt Morris, the Giants have scored a total of 9 runs

Look, the Dodgers and Padres both have excellent pitching staffs. The Padres bullpen, in particular, is a collection of studs (they have yet to allow a run in 25+ innings this year - most of those innings have been against SF). My point is that the Giants haven't exactly faced a bunch of cupcakes on the mound. They travel to Pittsburgh and then Colorado after today's off day, so we'll see if those staffs can help the Giants jumpstart their sputtering offense.


OZ said...

The slow start wasn't bothering me initially. However, this is a few too many goose eggs to go unnoticed.

I'm also not convinced the line-up tweaks are what caused the 6 runs in the last game.

DMo said...

Once again, the Giants have left Bonds unprotected. The story of his career. Who are our options, Durham, Aurilla or Klesko. Fuck me that's horrible. If the Giants had spent some cash on a good young bat to back Barry up 5 years ago, we'd had been to the playoffs at least 2 more times and Bonds would have even bigger numbers and closer to Hank.

I like our team, I do. I'm still excited about the season and staying positive despite this lousy start. It's nice to see Bonds smiling and having fun as well as being able to run a bit. But if this ugly losing continues, how long will it remain fun and when do the smiles fall of their faces. Probably about the time it falls off mine.

stapes said...

There is a good chance the series against Pittsburgh might get snowed out. At this point, I could use the break. I'm a little in shell-shock mode.

I do know this, if Bonds doesn't hit or get on base at least. The office will not improve by much.

stapes said...

The giants play right into Maddux hands. They have a shitty line up and he throw strikes.

They are a couple of missed pop-ups and fly balls from being 0-9.

stapes said...

Obviously, I have found the blog. If anyone has something positive to cheer me up - other than a Pittsburgh white out - let me know.

SonDog said...

Tim Lincicum pitches tonight for Fresno. That cheers me up. I wonder how many 5 inning/3 run starts they will give ol' Ortiz before they feel the pressure to call up Lincicum. I guess it all depends on their win/loss record after the first month.

I'm shell shocked too. Stapes, I admitted to you that I was panicing after game 1... now I'm in full-on panic attack mode. DMo's right, the Durham, Aurilia, Klesko trinity is pretty weak. I can't imagine the offense is going to be this bad for much longer, but I also think there is a ceiling that they have due to age and, well, age.

And why the hell are they carrying FOUR firstbasemen now? Klesko, Neikro, Aurilia, Sweeney. I don't understand the move of sending Frandsen to the minors for Sweeney.