Thursday, April 19, 2007

Laaaaate night win

Random thoughts from last night's 12-inning win over the Cardinals:
  • Pedro Feliz is losing his grip on regular playing time one at-bat (and error) at a time. He's driving me nuts. With four first-basemen on the roster, the Giants can move Aurilia to third to get Klesko or Neikro in the lineup. It will happen if Feliz keeps playing like shit. ("Shit" is a technical description of his efforts.)

  • Stapes called it yesterday: They needed that win last night. If they contend this year, remember last night's game.

  • Matt Morris is pitching great this year and is starting to live up to his resume. He kept the Cards off-balance with his curveball and had real life on his fastball. I'm shocked at how well he's pitching. Seriously.

  • Barry Bonds is amazing. I've read Game of Shadows as well as Love Me, Hate Me, and I've come to one conclusion: I love watching him hit.

C-Lo's picture from Tuesday night's game in Denver. The man can hit.

  • Before the season is out, Jonathan Sanchez will prove to be the most reliable arm in the bullpen. He was hitting 93-96 consistently, with a pretty good off-speed pitch. He's the #2 prospect in the Giants' system, according to Baseball America. He could be great in the rotation in a couple of years, but he has the potential to be a shut-down setup guy right now.


the butler said...

wow, they pulled it out, huh?

nice seats, c-lo.

C-lo said...

NICE! I never realized how slow some of those guys run around the bases. There were a few Giants that I thought I might need to jump on the field and push around the bases. Unbelievable.