Friday, May 18, 2007

And on the third day, he pitched like God

If the Giants' brass decides to put Russ Ortiz back in the starting rotation... wait, can they even be considering that at this point?

The Franchise's performance last night was what we've been expecting. The comments from the Astros' clubhouse said it all.

"He's unbelievable," Astros third baseman Mike Lamb said. "The stuff he was throwing out there tonight, he's everything he was hyped up to be. He was 97 [mph] with movement. You just don't see that every day. My first times up, he's throwing 97 and you don't know what to expect, and then he throws curveballs for strikes. It's tough to do that. He's pretty good, really good."

It's conceivable to think that Matt Cain, Lincecum and Lowry will be the Giants best three pitchers at some point in the near future. Zito and Morris are stabilizing forces at the moment, which leaves no room for Ortiz. Lincecum can not be sent down at this point.

For what it's worth, Ortiz threw 5.2 innings last night in Fresno, allowing 2 runs (1 earned) and striking out 4.


stapes said...

So after 40 games they are 20-20. Could have been a lot worse. They got super lucky to get those two runs last night. Both were on fluke plays. What's up with Barry? He looks horrible. Have you heard anything like a nagging injury?

Lincecum is here to stay. The best part was him hanging in the dugout with a big chaw after he pitched. You can tell he has a slight cockiness about him which is good for a pitcher.

What to do about Ortiz?...don't know, don't really care to much.

SonDog said...

I heard something with respect to a possible knee that's bugging Bonds. Bochy had a quote somewhere that he thinks it's bothering him and that he'll DH in Oakland (which is kind of a given).

I also read yesterday that they were 18-20 after the first 38 games in 2000, then they went on to win 97 games. I'm not suggesting they'll win 97 games, mind you, but I do think it could have been a lot lot worse had they not received such good pitching.

DMo said...

Yep, the rotation is set and if Zito ever pitches close to 126 mil, we'll have the best rotation in baseball. Can't we use Ortiz in the pen for long relief? Can we trade him for a closer? Shit, I hate Benitez. He cost me 900$ the other night with his homer against houston. Yes, 900$!!! Bonds is looking bad, he is letting good pitches go by him for the first time this year. Can we bench Durham for a while to see Fransden? Ray's double play grounders are pissing me off. Then in a non-crucial situation he'll hit a homer. Great RayRay. Lewis is fun to watch and I believe has sparked the team with his youth along with the other youngsters. Lincecum did look cool chillin in the dugout with a chaw and stapes you're right, he does have some cocky which I like. I love Omar but his bat is sad and it's hurting. We can't take him out though as his defense is needed with our pitching. Where did Linden end up? No, I hope to never see him again in a Giants uni. Add him in the ortiz deal for a releiver.

OZ said...

Remember scoffing at my AAA comment Stapes......I do think it's nuts that he's down there though. He has enough on his fastball to be middle relief, maybe.

The cockiness is superb. The difference between his and Armando's swagger is that you can tell Tim's is not forced. He's not doing it because he knows he should, like that farce of a closer.

SonDog said...

I can't wait for Benitez to blow out his hamstring again.

And DMo, I wouldn't mind seeing more of Frandsen either. He's a hitter. He's not going to have the power of Durham, but he's going to get on base more and at this point, they need baserunners. With the exception of last Sunday in Denver, scoring for them is like solving quantum physics.

SonDog said...

Linden was claimed by the Marlins today. Just read about it.