Monday, May 07, 2007

OK, so maybe calling him "Jesus" was a bit of a stretch

Nevertheless, it was exciting as all get out to see Tim Lincecum pitch last night. That first inning flamethrowing session was pretty magnificent, despite Ty Cobb's two-run homer (seriously, the guy didn't make an out all weekend), to blow away an all-star second baseman, the reigning MVP and another shmoe was pretty impressive, as Buster Olney reports.

More Lincecum stuff from around the web:

Scott Ostler of the Chronicle (who I despise, loathe and generally hate with every piece of my body)


stapes said...

I guess this shows just how big the difference is between triple
A and the big leagues - as if Todd Linden didn't already tell us that.

He'll be fine when he settles down and can use all his pitches and gets some calls.

H'e so little - I just worry he'll break down over his career

SonDog said...

I didn't want to say anything about it, but I thought he was getting squeezed, especially with the low strike (or non-strike). He's sooooo tiny though, you have to wonder how long he can last.

And I've about had it with Linden. He suuuucks. I know they are trying to give him more of a shot this year, but he's been awful.

DMo said...

Well as Sonny said there was not a single strike called at the knees or below. Below is fine but the knees should be called. He made a couple mistakes and we saw both balls fly over the wall, tough break. What does it matter how big the guy is? Less mass to apply strain which causes injury. Then again Lincecum’s Dad said he uses his whole body when he throws, even his ears. Bad if he hurts anything or takes a liner in the ear. But I think he’ll be good and it’s just one more thing to be excited about this season. I assume after their 8 game win streak that you are all with me again about being excited for this season. Good to have you back.

I’m still hoping for good stuff from Linden. He has a good swing though he needs to hit the ball to see that. Other than his bonehead play 2 weeks ago against Co. he has been okay and will get better. I don’t think Bochey will let him go forever unless he turns it up though. And speaking of Bochey, it’s nice to see some of our younger players and the mixing and matching he has done with the lineup. If it was Alou(ser) we’d never had seen lincecum as he’d sent Ortiz out there with 2 broken arms before he played someone under the age of 30. Scary thing is, Alou still works in our front office.

SonDog said...

dmo, I would call it "cautiously optimistic" rather than "outright excitement." I am excited about the young pitching though, especially the trio of Cain, Lincecum and Lowry. Hennessey and Sanchez have the makings of a nice lefty/righty combo in the bullpen (although I still think Sanchez will make a better starter than reliever) and the minors have some good young arms there too. Pitching is not going to be a problem for this team.

What I am worried about is the offense. The top three of Roberts, Vizquel and Aurilia have the lowest OPS in the majors for a 1-3. I know they've replaced Viz with Winn recently, but Winn has never been a big OBP guy. Hopefully this hot spell can continue.

Linden though... guh. Remember the name, Nate Schierholtz. He's tearing up AAA right now and he's a 23-year-old bat with power. If Linden scuffles for the next three weeks, he's out. Has to be. Unfortunately Schierholtz hits left-handed, which means he would have a tougher time getting in the lineup. Dan Ortmeier and Freddy Lewis are both ready too. Linden doesn't have much time left.

stapes said...

I'm excited they don't suck. Does that count.

Dan Ortmeyer and Freddy Lewis? Please...Freddy probably can't wait for september when he gets to pinch run for Barry.