Sunday, June 24, 2007

Globalization is real; It's time to export

The postings lately have been like the Giants offense. Which is to say, disappearing for days at a time. Sorry about that. It's just that the 2007 version of the Giants are a lot like the 2006/2007 version of the Sacramento Kings. Painful, frustrating, irritating, ridiculous, etc., etc., etc.

You know my view. It's time to sell and let the Kevin Frandsens, the Nate Schierholtzs and the Freddie Lewiss of the world play to see if they can develop. So, here's the list of exportable players:

Matt Morris: His value is higher than at any point in the last two years. He has one year at $9 million left on his contract. Surely a contender could use this curveballing specialist. Out of all the veterans, Morris is likely to bring back the best return because everybody needs pitching.

Ray Durham: All I know is that it's time for the Kevin Frandsen experience at second base. The Giants haven't drafted and developed an everyday regular since Bill Mueller in 2003 (Pedro Feliz was a non-drafted free agent). Mueller's already retired. That's a long, long time. Frandsen does the little things... sometimes dumb little things, but they're the little things that winning clubs need to do. I don't know who would take Durham, but with one year and $8 million remaining, he might be tough to move.

Randy Winn/Dave Roberts: Winn has two years and $16 million left. Roberts has two years and $10 million left. Both are wildly overpaid. It would be surprising if Sabean could find a taker.

Omar Vizquel: There really isn't another option in the system for an everyday SS, so he will likely play out the season in San Francisco. If he wins the Gold Glove this year and is elected to the Hall of Fame in five years, do the Giants retire his number?

Pedro Feliz: Yesterday was a perfect example of why Feliz still plays everyday. He runs into a mistake once every two weeks, is the Giants only real power threat other than Bonds, and there is no other alternative in the system. He's a free agent after this season and is just keeping the third bag warm for A-Rod (seriously, is that even a possibility?).

Steve Kline: I still can't believe Sabean signed him to a two-year deal. But somebody will take a left specialist because, hey, this is a league that still employs Mike Myers.

Rich Aurilia: Nobody will take his 1 year and $4 million contract, because, well, he kind of sucks now.

Barry Zito: His fastball is topping out at 84 and he only has 37 years and $573 kagillion left on his contract. No-brainer that somebody picks him up... wait.

Here is the list of kids that need to play:

Kevin Frandsen: It's time.

Nate Schierholtz: Maybe the most exciting position prospect (which really isn't saying much) because of his age (23) and sweet stroke.

Fred Lewis: If anything, the cycle he hit in Denver merits a roster spot for the rest of the season.

Jonathan Sanchez: He's coming around, but I still would love to see him in the rotation. If Morris takes a hike, maybe they can throw him every fifth day. His 12.50 K/9 ratio is outstanding. If he would just throw his fastball (topping out at 96 yesterday) 7/10 pitches, he would be fine.

Pat Misch: Still at Fresno. Still dealing as a lefty out of the pen.


OZ said...

I've liked Sanchez from the beginning of the year, though I couldn't really argue when he was sent down. He just needs experience. Plain and simple. I agree that Morris' value has never been higher, but don't you need a veteran in the rotation?

A-Rod? Apparently that’s the buzz. Would that mean Matty would no long be on your SF all-time team? Maybe he would play SS again?

astaples said...

Durham is the only guy I can see getting traded. Who would want the rest of this squad.

astaples said...

A-Rod likes SF (perhaps because he is secretly gay). If they wouldn't have signed Zito 30 mil for A-Rod next year might be doable.

SonDog said...

Stapes, the "Gay Rod" reference is hillarious. And I think you're right about this squad. Although, even C- level prospects would surpass the likes of 98-year-old Luis Figueroa.

OZ, Sanchez could be the closer now... or at least the 8th inning guy.