Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend: One. Giants: Zero

I'm beginning to think that I could shut the Giants out for seven innings, if given the chance. I mean, if some guy with a name close to Da Nerdo can do it, I'm sure I could try some two-seam fastballs and throw a couple of shutout frames.

On the bright side, Matt Cain on Sunday looked like the pitcher he was in April. Not to sound like Krukow, but when Cain has command of all four of his pitches (fastball, change, slider, Morris-curve), he can be as good as anybody in baseball. In fact, after the Giants took Madison Bumgardner with the tenth pick in the draft on Thursday, Gammons mentioned on the ESPN telecast that Cain should join Jake Peavy in the NL elite at any time.

As day after depressing day passes, it's becoming quite clear that this team has more holes than a taxi in Baghdad. With the trading deadline just six weeks away, it will be interesting to see if the Giants unload some of these veterans in an effort to stock the shelf. There is no way Sabean will be allowed to go after more aging vets by dangling the youngins, right? I mean, right? This team isn't two or three players away; it's an entire lineup away. As of Monday morning, the Giants wake up 8 games back of first and a full 2.5 behind the friggin' Rockies. The Rockies, for chrissakes.

As long as Cain, Lincecum, Lowry, Zito and Morris are around, most fans will still watch and the games will be competitive (if you like losing by only two runs and watching the offense hack away at slop, i.e. 2-0 shutouts) so there is no reason for Peter Magowan to panic and think his glorious ballpark is going to sit empty. Even with an awful summer, the development of Cain, Lincecum and Lowry holds promise for the future.

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