Sunday, July 15, 2007

I smell smoke

The fire sale can't come soon enough.

What a debacle of a weekend. From the Brian Sabean/Peter Magowan press conference to announce Sabean's two-year extension, the lads sounded genuine that they were about to embark on what most fans have been clamoring for: A rebuilding with an emphasis on players who do not carry an AARP card. If the Dodgers' sweep wasn't enough to convince Sabean that he needs to start selling, now, then nothing will ever be enough.

Here's one man's list of guys who should be on the block:

Matt Morris: It's been argued that he is the top pitcher on the market. If you ask me, that argument has more bullet holes than a Humvee in Iraq... but if some bonehead GM believes it and gives the Giants at least one A prospect in return, I'll be doing cartwheels. Jonathan Sanchez would be the likely candidate as the fifth starter.

The Randy Winn/Dave Roberts/Mark Sweeney pu-pu plater: Winn's contract and full no-trade clause (I mean, Sabes, you seriously gave Randy friggin' Winn a full no-trade clause? What, were you worried he was irreplaceable?) make him damn near impossible to move. Roberts' contract and rapidly diminishing skills make him damn near impossible to move. Sweeney could fetch $500 and a subscription to Playboy. Fred Lewis and Nate Schierholtz would get a shot to play regularly, especially Lewis. I'm not saying Lewis is going to be the second coming of Bonds, but he will at a minimum give you the same production as Roberts and Winn.

Ray Durham: His contract is somewhat reasonable for a middle-of-the-order hitter. Only problem is that Durham isn't really a middle-of-the-order hitter. Hopefully he stays hot and the Giants can sell high. Kevin Frandsen would move into the starting 2B role.

Ryan Klesko: He can hit. He just can't hit when the Giants need a big hit. Dan Ortmeier has played a couple of games at 1B in the last few days. Interesting.

Rich Aurilia: Someone will take Rich. If not, he would be a decent veteran to have around the clubhouse.

Pedro Feliz: Worth a six-pack of Bud Light and maybe a bag of popcorn.

Steve Kline: Lefty relievers are always needed. Always. Should be the easiest salary to get off the books.

Omar Vizquel: I see him going to Boston. Julio Lugo is just about the only shortstop in the game that has hit worse than Vizquel, and Omar would be an instant fan favorite.


stapes said...

These are dark times. This weekend was about as bad as it gets. If they can't trade a lot of guys on your list. I'm all for just going ahead and releasing a few.

Paulie said...

I think you're giving Sweeney too much credit. At best, I think he brings back maybe one used SI Swimsuit Issue.

SonDog said...

I'm down for designating half of the team for assignment right now. The offense is as bad as it can get. I feel bad for Lincecum, Cain and Lowry who have to endure this crap. The minute Hill homered off Lincecum last night in the second, my words were, "Ballgame."