Thursday, July 05, 2007

Lewis must play

With Dave Roberts mired in an 0 for the season slump (or at least it seems) and Randy Winn playing like, well, Randy Winn, is there any reason for Fred Lewis to be out of the lineup more often than he's in it? The kid can hit and brings some fresh legs to the lineup. After his 3-4 (including another Grand Slam) yesterday, it is apparent that he is forcing his way into the lineup.


astaples said...

I'm still not convinced Lewis can hit consistantly. I think it takes a couple hundred atbats. I am convinced that Roberts can't hit right now and was a bad signing.

I say you give Lewis a couple hundred at bats and see what he can do. I'm fine with trading durham and seeing what frandsen can do as well.

SonDog said...

I agree with you, Stapes. The way I figure it, they have nothing to lose. They're not going to win with this group, so why not give Lewis and Frandsen a shot? I don't think either will be an All-Star anytime soon, but they sure as hell are better than some of these old farts that go out there every day. Like, say, Pedro Feliz.