Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Is there such a thing as the "Prevent Offense?"

This is just a crippling lack of offensive production. The Opening Day lineup of Roberts, Omar, Bonds, Durham, Aurilia, Molina, Feliz, and Winn have scored a grand total of 3 runs in the three games they've been on the field together. All three came in game 2. Here's a couple of random thoughts on the offense:

-- I want to see Bruce Bochy say to Pedro Feliz, "Help me, help you. Help me, help you!" Feliz is losing his confidence one swing at a time. He's a groundball to shortstop waiting to happen. I actually threw my dog through the tv last night when he grounded to short after Molina's leadoff double in the seventh. (Dear PETA: Not really)

-- Molina might be the slowest runner I've ever seen, and that includes J.T. Snow. Mike Krukow's "Runaway beer truck" description of Eliezar Alfonzo should be modified to be "beer truck slowly creeping in first gear" for Molina.

-- Roberts and Omar need to start getting on base. Vizquel has had a brutal start to the year.

-- It's still a joy to watch Barry Bonds hit.

Last nights game did solidify the notion that the Giants have some incredibly talented young arms. Matt Cain's 7 innings were incredible and the relief job Jonathan Sanchez did was also impressive.

Jason Schmidt is, to this day, my favorite Giants pitcher of all-time. In his prime, you knew... you KNEW that he would be dominant every time out. I'm getting that same feeling about Cain. When he takes the mound, the Giants have a great shot at winning.

Matt Morris has an opportunity tonight to start the season 2-0. The Giants got to Clay Hensley in his last outing. It will be interesting to see Bochy's lineup tonight. Klesko back at 1st with Aurilia at 3rd?

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OZ said...

I love arguing with people about Bonds. I can’t wait to see him break the record this year.

Cain and Sanchez were near perfect last night. It was beautiful, especially since there was no closer necessary.