Monday, April 09, 2007

Panic at the Disco

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the 1-5 start to the season means only one thing: The season is over, or, at the least, not worth watching. Well, that's what big Bruce Jenkins thinks:

So now it's off to the road in San Diego, Pittsburgh and Colorado, three teams with more youth, a more sensible philosophy and a better future than the Giants. That's right, the Pirates, too. It has come to that....

"It's over," one scout said to a writer in the press box after Wilson Valdez's two-run triple gave the Dodgers a 5-1 lead against Zito in the sixth inning.
"Yeah,that's a tough deficit," came the reply.
"No, I mean the season."

Of course that's too harsh. But after watching this 1-5 homestand, you can't tell me you feel anything positive about the Giants and their chances to contend in the ever improving National League West.

Um, yeah Bruce, I think that's a little too harsh. And I will tell you right now that there were a couple of positives that came from the miserable homestand: Aside from yesterday's debacle, the starting pitching has been brilliant, and that will win them many games. The dearth of youth on this team is troubling (when have you heard that before), but I don't see this team becoming utterly unwatchable at any point (see: Kings, Sacramento).

I just think it's a little too early for Giants Nation to panic. Well, on second thought, maybe a mini-panic attack is okay... but there's no need to proclaim the season dead.

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OZ said...

That's asinine. Not only is it less than 4% of the season, but the games were the most entertaining of any in the last two years.