Sunday, April 29, 2007

That's more like the Matt Morris we all know and love

Matt Morris took his Curveballapalooza act to Arizona on Sunday. Morris went deep in the game, but the bases loaded double by Orlando Hudson (who, by the way, is absolutely smoking the ball this year. Where the hell did his hitting come from? I'd say it's the HGH, but the dude has a physique like Kevin Martin) was the dagger.

The curveballer's line: 7 innings, 12 hits, 3 walks, 5 runs, 2 K's.

The offense struggled too. Randy Johnson didn't look anything like his former self, but the offense couldn't capitalize on plenty of chances to score. Not very good situational hitting, in my unprofessional opinion.

Some stats that will become more important as the season progresses:

Matt Morris: 1.59 whip, 15 walks vs. 14 K's
Todd Linden: 15 strikeouts (leads team) in 40 plate appearances (10th on team).
Omar Vizquel: .275 obp, .211 average with runners in scoring position
Pedro Feliz: whatever

Losing all three games in Arizona is tough, but nothing can perk a team up like, "Hey, the Rockies come to town tonight!" Not only that, but the Giants get to start the series against Colorado's #4 & 5 starters.

Here are the matchups:

Noah Lowry vs. Josh Fogg
Russ Ortiz vs. Taylor Bucholz
Barry Zito vs. Jeff Francis

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OZ said...

But runners re getting on, that's at least some good news. The situational hits will hopefully come around as long as the opportunities are still there.