Wednesday, May 02, 2007

George Frazier, Barry Zito and the future all-time homerun champion

-- Yeah, yeah, I know y'all get it by now, but this Barry Zito Four Run Rule thing just fascinates me. Coming into Wednesday night, Zito's career record when he gets four runs of support or more: 86-5. When he doesn't get four runs: 18-61.

The rule was put to the test last night, and Zito left to a 2-2 tie in the eighth. So the record stays the same. He allowed only four hits, walking three and striking out four. Basically, Zito held his own in the no-decision.

-- The night belonged to Mr. Bonds though. The rocket he hit off of Jeff Francis was multiple "8-second TiVo replay" worthy. Once the Rockies loaded the bases in the eighth with Bonds coming up, you just knew he was going to hit the game winner. You just knew. Those of you who have read Mile High Ramblings know that I've said my piece about Bonds. But I'll say again what I've said before: Never in my life have I been witness to such a great hitter. That being said, I am truly amazed that he is hitting this well this season.

-- Brad Hennessey closed out the game (technically he got the win, not the save). Did something happen to Benitez? I really hope so.

-- The close of the series against the Rockies means that those of us who live outside of the Bay Area and watch the games on DirecTV don't have to listen to Rockies' announcer George Frazier for another -- OHHH, DAMNIT! They play the Rockies in Denver next week.

Anyway, here is my favorite Frazier comment from last night:

(Jeff) Francis has to be really careful with Feliz up here. He's a dangerous, dangerous bat. This guy can really hit.
I'm not even going to tell you what he said when the Rockies intentionally walked Feliz in the bottom of the seventh. You can probably figure it out. Just imagine something that a retarded chimpanzee would say.

I end this series by saying the same thing I said when the series started: George Frazier is an idiot. A friggin' idiot.


OZ said...

Why would you pitch around Rich? Seriously. Just let the guy hit the ball because you KNOW Bonds is going to hit the ball. And it’s not like they were even coming close, although the ump saw it differently. That was one of a few 7 ball walks I’ve seen in my life. Not to mention that with the shift on, Bonds hits that game winning grounder straight to the second baseman for a double play. Crazy.

That was a joke of a no-interference call as well.

SonDog said...

You should have heard George Frazier talk about the no-interference call. Drew Goodman, his partner, was saying that it should have been called, while Frazier said that Molina just should have thrown the ball. Um, George, HE COULDN'T! That's the point! Doucheclown.

stapes said...

I'm a little worried about this Kirk Radomski situation. Do you think there is a chance he could be linked to Bonds. I've heard he had ties to Balco and shipped drugs to northern california

SonDog said...

I'm doing my best to ignore that one, Stapes. I've read a couple of articles on it and it sounds like it could blow up to be much bigger than balco. I'm sure you've red about it, but sounds like he's named a ton of names and has info on a wire. I'd rather not think about it.

the butler said...

It really is a shame that such a great moment in sports history will be tarnished by the whole issue.

We should all consider it a treat that we are able to watch it happen. Hopefully folks will appreciate him for the legend that he is.