Friday, April 10, 2009

The Indespensibles - Part II

No. 15 - Emmanuel Burriss - First and foremost, Burriss has very little power. In fact, if he hits a ball out of the infield, it might as well be classified as a "bomb" for the diminutive second baseman who was a first-round draft choice in the same draft that produced Tim Lincecum. That said, Manny is in the lineup because of his defense, which is a critically important part of the game if you are going to succeed with pitching, pitching and more pitching. Just ask Colorado and Tampa Bay - both were #1 in baseball for defense in each of their respective World Series appearances over the last two years. Burriss has the potential to be a Gold Glove defender, but if he continues to hit like this guy, then you can say hello to Kevin Frandsen.

No. 14 - Nate Schierholtz - If Schierholtz has a highly productive offensive season off the bench, then he could play himself into a starting Right Fielding role next year as Randy Winn is in the last season of his contract. As the primary left-handed power guy off the bench, the team needs him to produce. Schierholtz can hit, as he's proven in his limited experience. He just needs the opportunity. Secretly, I bet Nate is hoping a starting outfielder goes down with an injury. But that's just me. And if I'm proven anything in my life, it's that I'm a jackass.

No. 13 - Aaron Rowand - Barry Zito's contract gets all the attention, but Rowand's contract (5 year, $70 million) was just as egregious. It should have been the final straw in the proverbial camel's spine in the Brian Sabean administration, but if Sabean has proven anything it's that he is like a cat with nine GM f**k up lives. 

No. 12 - Money. Bags. - Speaking of Zito, did you know he signed with the Giants for seven years and $126 million? No, really, he did! In fact, we have him locked up for five more years and a gazillion more dollars! Isn't that freakin' awesome! Not to play Monday Morning Kicker here, but I believe BH, OZ and I all agreed that, "If he doesn't come through on this, then this contract is going to kill our franchise for years." All I'm saying is, he better win at least 14 games this year. Douche.

No. 11 - Randy Winn - Best defensive Right Fielder in AT&T park's history. He absolutely owns that wall. He's also a fairly consistent hitter who tends to explode in the second half. He's also 34 and bound to start slowing down... right..... about....... this..........year. If Brian Sabean is still around in the off-season when Winn's contract expires, he's bound to sign Winn for a 5-year, $70 million deal, ensuring nobody else "has the opportunity to snag him up." I hate Brian Sabean.

No. 10 - Jonathan Sanchez - Electric. My candidate for the pitcher that will take 'The Leap' this year (apologies to Bill Simmons and all the people in the blog world that hate him for no reason other than jealousy). Endurance is his only issue. If he can make it at least 180 innings this year, the Giants are in great, great shape.

No. 9 - Bengie Molina - Mark my words - he will not be batting cleanup come August, and it will have nothing to do with his bat. the issue with Molina is that he is as speedy as herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter. Travis Ishikawa will lose at least 10 RBI this year from Molina not being able to score from second on a base hit. Sandoval fourth, Ishikawa fifth, Molina sixth. Just one man's prediction. Love Bengie. Love him. But his lack of mobility (which is like saying I have a "lack" of hair) will hurt this team on many occasions.

No. 8 - Sushi Roll Ishikawa - Love what he brings on defense. Enticed about what he brings on offense. Name reminds me of a bento box at a sushi restaurant. Therefore, Sushikawa already lands as one of my top-10 favorite Giants prospects in my Giants fanhood.

No. 7 - Freddy Lewis - He will steal 30 bases this year, even if he is thrown out on 20 additional attempts. Bengie Molina is a 6-4-3 waiting to happen anytime Lewis is on first with less than two outs, so Lewis has the green light. I don't buy into the fact that hitting #3 will allow him to flask more power, as he never hi t many jacks in the minors -- but I do expect him to score 100 runs. Maybe I'm dreaming, but I like his potential.

No. 6 - Jeremy Affeldt - Why this high? Do you not remember Jack "Gasoline" Taschner? Or Mike Stanton? How about... uh... I can't really remember a late-inning lefty who held this much promise.

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