Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Indespensibles

No 25: Torres - Who? Either he or Velez will be gone in three weeks when they bring Steve Holm back up from AAA. I'm betting Velez gets optioned out simply due to Torres' age (31). Yup, Brian Sabean is still our GM. (By the way, going with 1.5 catchers on your roster when your starting catcher runs like my 83-year-old grandfather two days after a hip replacement makes about as much sense as Keith Olbermann on the guest list at a Fox News holiday party.)

No. 24: Eugenio Velez - I've heard he's fast. I've also heard he plays defense like a blind amputee with a bad case of vertigo. For more information, see: Torres, Don'tevenknowhisfirstname.

No. 23: Brandon Medders - Arizona retread was a surprise addition to the opening day roster. All signs pointed to rule-5 pick Luis Perdomo making the club, but then Brian Sabean remembered that he was Brian Sabean.

No. 22: Rich Aurilia - One of the all-time-great Giants. Will go down in Giants' history with the likes of Robby Thompson, Matt Williams, Rod Beck, Robb Nen, J.T. Snow, et. al. He was a great ten years ago. I will sum my feelings up about his appearance on the 2009 roster with the following words: Are you fucking kidding me??
Solid veteran presence with a track record. 

Aurilia taking a throw... in Candlestick Park. Yup, it's been that long.

No. 21: Joey Martinez - The 26-year-old rookie was a surprise in camp, but really shouldn't have been had Sabean picked up a copy of Baseball America's Prospect Handbook at any time over the last couple of years. Martinez led the Eastern League in ERA last year and pitched very well in San Jose back in 2007. He's a ground ball specialist who will start the year as the long-man out of the 'pen, but will be called upon for an emergency start should one of the five amigos go down. He will not ever win a Cy Young, but Martinez will pitch some valuable innings for this club.

No. 20: Juan Uribe - Yes, Juan is related to Jose (second-cousin)

No. 19: Merkin Valdez - He's going to pitch an amazing and tantalizing 15 innings before his elbow flares up. That part of his body is more sensitive than Jim Cramer after being called out on the Daily Show.  

No. 18: Alex Hinshaw - If he can find the strike zone, he can be a devastating late-inning specialist. 47 strikeouts in 39.2 innings says a lot about a guy's arm. So does 29 walks in those same 39.2 innings. Throw strikes, Alex.

No. 17: Bobby Howry - While I do not doubt for a second that Howry will pitch many important innings through May, I do doubt that he will be pitching those same important innings come August when Sergio Romo is fully healthy. Howry throws strikes and will be solid in the 'pen, but he reminds me a little too much of Tim Worrell. 

No. 16: Edgar Renteria - We will be hearing about his contract as much as we hear about Zito's and Rowand's. Regardless, Renteria is an upgrade offensively at SS and will be a nice stop-gap at the #2 spot in the order. That said, the defense on the left side of the infield, with Renteria and Sandoval, is pretty scary. 

Tomorrow - # 15 through 5

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