Thursday, May 10, 2007

The bullpen continues to be dead to me

While I have no problem with Brad Hennessey, I despise Armando Benitez with a passion that runs deep. I'm now in Houston, so I didn't see the game yesterday (just the highlights), but the box score had an L next to Benitez and a BS next to Hennessey, so it appears that Matt Morris was in line for another win before another bullpen collapse.

Regarding Morris, how surprising has his renaissance been this year? He's been strong this year (I keep hearing the word "gamer") and has given the Giants a chance to win on most occasions. I hope I'm not getting suckered into thinking he's a good pitcher. However, if Lincecum sticks in the rotation (a lot will depend on tomorrow night), it's nice to have Morris' veteran "moxie" in the mix.

On to Colorado: The Giants throw a relatively young foursome at the Rockies over the four-game series (by the way, it's inexcusable that I scheduled a business trip while the Giants are in Denver. Inexcusable). Noah Lowry tonight, The Franchise tomorrow, Barry Zito on Saturday, Matt Cain on Sunday.


stapes said...

Benitiz blew the save but the defense let a fly ball drop to in the inning. He was ineffective but we'll probably have to give him this one as his one free pass. Anymore fuck ups and the Benitiz hating can begin.

Roberts homered yesteday but now is apparantly heading to LA to have his elbow checked out. I only mention it because they are going to have to play some games at Coors without a true centerfieder. Maybe it's time for Freddie Lewis to run some balls down in the gap?

That's about all you missed. What the fuck are you doing in Dallas and Houston - those are two shitholes.

SonDog said...

I know, it's a shithole (both of them). Dallas especially.