Friday, May 11, 2007

Guest Post: OZ

With Sondog spending his time down in the fatest cities in America, I thought I'd give some of my thoughts from last nights game in Colorado.

After another poor performance from Ray, Bruce has to be reconsidering Durham as the offensive threat to back up Mr. Bonds. Sure he had an RBI, but he has runners on, usually in scoring position, nearly every time he steps to the plate so that’s not a huge feat.

Molina may be the slowest player to ever don a Giants uniform (sorry J.T.), but he has been hitting clutch and could provide the 9th inning single that this team is lacking (see last nights game ending double play from Ray).

At this point I think they need to back Bonds up with whoever is hot rather than pegging one player for the role.

And on offense, I hate it when all the Giants offense comes off of opposing errors. Rich is an excellent example as he was 0 for whatever until a botched pop fly got him to first base, and since then has been back to his normal monologging self. Those types of runs feel empty and though the rotation appreciates any help they can get, nothing is better than a run produced off a sac fly or clutch single.

I missed The Franchise’s prior start and unfortunately will miss a good portion today as well, which sucks fiercely as I haven’t been this excited to watch a pitcher since Nen. I don’t see how the jitters could be completely out however, as now he's on the road and it’s not like he can draw on the successful start of his prior outing.

I didn’t hear Krukow’s comments after his last start, but I have no doubt it was something like, “Welcome to the show meat.”

Check out his pic on It looks like a 12 year old kid going against what could only be decribed as a dirty old man.

With Roberts out, the search for the leadoff man will continue. Stolen bases, since the hit and runs aren’t going to well (I think they’ve been picked off in 90% of the attemps), and in general messing with pitchers heads is what makes this position so vital for a slow offense. Roberts wasn’t hugely popular, but I enjoyed watching him play and feel he is similar to Ricky Henderson, only without the OBP, power, consistency, or record.

With the starting rotation continuing to roll, the offense has to start stepping up to keep this team above .500.


SonDog said...

The Roberts injury hurts, but you can't say it was unexpected. The most games in a season he's ever played was 129... last season. In fact, in his career, he's only played in more than 110 games twice. Captain Second Guessing, here on the scene.

At least we have the thunder of Lewis and Ortmeier now. Heeey-O!!!!Thank God they sent Linden off the island. That was getting painful.

SonDog said...

Oh, and thanks for posting, OZ. Missing a week's worth of games was cutting into my pseudo-expertise. I'm looking forward to catching Lincecum tonight though.