Friday, May 11, 2007

The Franchise, Round II

Dude, that kid can throw.

The second big league start went much better for Tiny Tim as he used his curveball and changeup a little bit more (still not very often) to hold the Rockies to 3 runs (2 earned) in 7 innings. He struck out 6, including Matt Holliday 3 times. His fastball, which dropped to 91-92 after the third inning in his last start, was still hitting 95-96 in the seventh inning last night. The dude can definitely throw hard.

It was interesting that Bochy let Lincecum throw 112 pitches though. He had been on a strict 90-pitch maximum in Fresno, but the Giants have allowed him to throw 100 and 112 in his two starts, respectively. I don't think it's a bad thing, mind you, but it's something to watch. Pitch count will always be an issue with Lincecum because of his slight build. The reason he dropped to 10th in last year's draft is primarily because most teams saw him as an injury waiting to happen. The Giants didn't feel that way, saying he uses his body more than his arm to throw so hard. Lincecum has never, I repeat, NEVER iced his arm after a game and claims he's never felt soreness in his arm. It's especially remarkable considering he regularly threw 130-140 pitches per game at the University of Washington.

Bochy said after the game that The Franchise would start on Thursday at Houston even though it's the day Russ Ortiz is scheduled to come off the DL. If he throws another game like last night, he likely will secure a rotation spot, meaning something will have to give with Ortiz. Like, say, taking a hike.

-- Numbers of Note --

  1. In just two games, Fred Lewis has as many RBI (3) as Todd Linden did through the first 30.

  2. In just one game, Dan Ortmeier has as many doubles (1) as Todd Linden did through the first 30

  3. Todd Linden still leads the team in strikeouts with 23

  4. I'm totally throwing Todd Linden under the bus right now

  5. Giants first basemen have combined to hit one (1) homerun this year. Dead last in the majors

  6. Jonathan Sanchez has 16 strikeouts in 12.1 innings. But, he's also issued 10 walks in those innings. Until he can pitch with more control, he will remain a mop-up man.

  7. An OPS of .800 is typically the sign of an average hitter for most positions. That said, the miserable OPS numbers of the Giants underscore the offensive struggles. The Giants have two regulars with an OPS over .800. Bonds (1.273) and Molina (.837). Frandsen is at .818, but only has 11 at bats. The other hitters? Roberts (.654), Vizquel (.595 -- horrible), Winn (.763), Aurilia (.709 -- really bad for a 3 hitter), Durham (.720 -- really bad for a 5 hitter), Feliz (.739), Klesko (.783), Sweeney (.792), Alfonzo (.796).

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OZ said...

Bochy has to let Tim throw 100+ or he's no good to this rotation. I think Bochy feels if the starter can't make it to at least the 7th, they have a strong chance of the bullpen blowing whatever lead they have.